Gracious Hearts Inc

A multi-brand holding company that acquires and manages various caregiving facilities and services. A team that also evolves and grows companies that come under our umbrella.


Creating an Abundant World

We aim to foster a sustainable business family of companies where each and every one of our enterprises thrives, by building and nurturing enduring relationships.


Go Forth and Multiply

We build and invest in caregiving facilities and services to achieve a variety of business goals, such as:
⚬ providing high-level oversight and guidance, such as strategic planning
⚬ augmenting business results by minimising risk, reducing costs, and maximizing returns


Integrity, Ethical, Commitment

We uphold the highest level of integrity by
⚬ putting our subsidiaries’ interests first,
⚬ maintaining confidentiality, and
⚬ practicing ethical standards.
Importantly, we value trust, collaboration, and excellence in our endeavours to manage the services provided by our subsidiaries.
Our commitment to grow motivates us to embrace novel ideas and think out of the box.

A Message from The Director:

Dear Readers,

GHI is here to cultivate an exclusive network of brands and enterprises that promote abundance to our partners and subsidiaries.

Do call us. Find out how you can become a part of the family that supports you in your evolution.

I invite you to join us.

Looking forward,


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