Who We Are: Gift of Love

One of the companies acquired and managed by the GHI, we are an assisted living facility, providing senior care services.

What We Envision

Providing Loving Care

The goal is to provide an enjoyable experience of loving care to our residents. We aim to delight them to live dignified, with their pain managed comfortably.

How We Work

Being There for You

Besides offering necessary and convenient amenities, we are different in our hospitality. Our goal in making sure each individual guest is taken care of is paramount. Being away from home, it takes time and effort for any resident to be assured that they matter. Everyday, and in every way (from eating good meals, relaxing in ambient surroundings, getting good night’s rest, most importantly, being “subscribed” to life) they will know that they are being heard, respected and loved.

What Guides Our Care

Shared Humanity

Love and respect others as you love and respect yourself. The key structure to achieving this is thus:



A Message from The Director:

Dear Valued Residents and Families, 

You’re cordially invited to our home & you will be welcomed warmly and do let me tell you why.
Coming from a loving and participative extended family experience myself, it is natural for me to want to create an environment that’s both:
⚬ loving to care recipients and
⚬ reassuring to caregivers

It’s easy for care recipients to feel neglected, isolated and lonely. It’s also easy for caregivers to feel guilty and uneasy. Let me assure you that the guests will be taken care of as if they are part of the family. Providing considerate, compassionate, and solicitous care and attention for someone who is sick or grieving is an absolute. Providing for their other needs is giving them TLC.

Apart from providing a safe environment, we want to delight you in staying with us and for you to be “subscribed” to life.

Loving Naturally,


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